Psychology Series

Narcissistic disorder

Addiction, featuring Amy Winehouse.

Anorexia, or body dysmorphic man.


Can anyone say, 'Serial Killer'?

Class Project

Done for class, computer art applications I in Photoshop CS 4 & 5. Used Adonihs brushes, Shaddy’s brushes, and a high resolution ink blot brush pack which I can’t find the information for anymore. These images are likely large enough to serve as wallpaper if one was so inclined.

The overall theme I went for with this five part series was "mental illnesses"and how they change how people see themselves. On the left is how the person appears to others, on the right is how they appear to themselves, or how they are feeling inside. I used a Rorschach motif to unite all the different pieces in the series.

Illustration, psychology